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Education brings changes in the society. Building a healthy society by providing quality based education, along with various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities make a child multi- talented. A value based, research oriented, professional and disciplined education is the need of the hour. Education is the only way to uplift the least in society. “World is not a parking lot. It is a racing track, no matter from where you start, but reach your GOAL”

Professor & Students

Our Philosophy

Lead. Inspire. Radiate. Succeed


VISION is” committed to excellence” where success is a tradition. We believe each student  is unique and  should shine in the world.


MISSION is to achieve excellence in education as a unique player. Each student  has a potential. Our mission is to provide a platform to  the student to exhibit  their potential 


COMMISSION is to set up a high standard educational institute at par with     international standard. Each student’s happiness is our priority. Preparing and moulding them into  good human beings is our responsibility.

Girl's Softball Team

Major Milestones

Lead. Inspire. Radiate. Succeed

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